PO-BOY: A sandwich made with long loaves of French Bread filled with meat and gravy or fried seafood. It was invented in New Orleans in the 1920s to feed the "poor boys" who couldn't afford a large meal. Po-boys are served either "dressed" with a full range of condiments (usually mayonnaise, lettuce and tomatoes) or "undressed" (plain).

If you're a N'Awlins native you might say "Gimme it wid nuttin' on it"

The most common of all Po-Boys is the "Roast-Beef Po-Boy Dressed On French"


12" length of French Bread or bread of choice cut in half length-wise
Enough cooked Roast Beef, sliced thin or shredded
Mayonnaise and/or other condiments of choice such as Yellow Mustard, Grey Poupon, Creole Mustard
Lettuce - shredded or whatever suits you
Tomato - sliced thin
Gravy from roast
PREPARATION: Spread Mayonnaise or other condiment(s) on both halves of bread. Lay down however much meat to suit your taste on bottom half of bread. Add gravy, quantity to however you like it. Add lettuce, tomato and top half of bread. Cut in half crosswise.

Remember to have plenty of napkins handy or a bath towel to catch drippings from sandwich.