Black Rye Bread
	2 packs dry or two tbls fresh yeast
	3 cups warm (115-degree) water
	2 tsp salt
	1/2 cup shortening
	1/4 cup molasses
	4 cups white flour
	3-1/2 cups Dark Rye flour
	2 Tbls cocoa powder
	Dissolve yeast in one cup warm (115-degree) water. Mix white flour and rye
	flour until rye is all through the white flour.
	Place remaining water, molasses, shortening, salt and cocoa powder in bowl,
	mix well.
	Add yeast, mix and add four cups of mixed flours. Mix until sponge forms.
	Add remaining flour and mix until all flour is incorporated. Turn out on
	well- floured surface and hand-knead until dough is smooth and doesn't stick
	to hands. Place in greased bowl and cover with towel until double in bulk.
	Punch dough down and knead until smooth. Divide into loaves and place in
	greased pans, cover and let rise while oven heats to 350 degrees. Bake in
	center of oven until done, about 35 minutes. Remove from pans and rub tops
	of loaves with butter. Makes two large loaves.

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