Cajun Crawfish Cornbread
	2 cups       cornmeal
	1 tablespoon salt
	1 teaspoon   baking powder
	6            eggs
	2 medium     onions -- chopped
	1/2 cup      jalapeno pepper -- chopped
	16 ounces    cheddar cheese -- grated
	2/3 cup      oil
	2 16 oz      cans creamed corn
	2 pounds     crawfish tails
	In a large mixing bowl, combine cornmeal, salt and soda. In a
	medium bowl beat eggs thoroughly. Add onions, jalapeno peppers, cheese, oil,
	corn and crawfish tails to beaten eggs. Combine this mixture with the cornmeal
	mixture and mix well. Pour into greased 12 x 14-inch baking dish.
	Bake at 375°F for 55 minutes or until golden brown.

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