French Bread
	1/2 Teaspoon Cake Yeast
	1 Tbs Sugar>
	1 Cup Scalded & Cooled Milk
	2 Cups Water
	6 Cups Flour
	Add yeast and sugar to milk and allow to set 5 minutes. Add water 
	and 2 cups flour mix well. Let set until bubbly. Add 4 cups flour, 
	knead well; cover and allow to rise overnight. Roll out in french 
	loaves next morning.
	If these loaves are difficult to handle, roll them in flour and allow 
	to set 10 minutes. Moisten the tops with milk. These will rise while 
	baking. Bake at 300°F about 45-60 minutes.
	Yield:  3 Servings

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