German Bread
	2.5 c. whole wheat flour
	2.5 c. unbleached, white flour
	1 pack of yeast
	3 c. tepid water
	whatever seeds and nuts you like, and/or dried fruit that you have soaked in
	a little water...
	Mix the flour in a bowl. (You can use more whole wheat flour in the ratio,
	but it will be denser bread. Conversely, using more white flour in the ratio
	will give you Mt. Kilamanjaro as it rises. Be warned.) Mix the pack of yeast
	into a cup of the water, and add it to the flour. Add the other 2 cups of
	tepid water. Squish it around with your hands until mixed well.
	Place the bowl of wet, sticky dough in a warm place WITH NO DRAFTS and cover
	with a greased (PAM) plate or greased Saran Wrap. Let it rise for about 45
	min, or until it reaches the top of the bowl. Now, add the seeds and whatever you
	want. It will be sticky. Resist the temptation to add flour. Mix manually,
	and dump it into a greased bread pan. Allow to rise to the top of the pan,
	and bake at 425 F for 1 hour.

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