Bacon & Cheese Biscuits
	Makes 8, l0, l2 biscuits: depending on your cutter size.(Always preheat oven
	for biscuits)
	Mix: 2 c. sifted flour
	1 T. baking powder
	1 tsp. salt
	Add: 1/3 c. solid shortening - Use pastry blender or your fingers until it
	looks like coarse meal.(If you use the food processor, you run the risk of
	tough biscuits; be careful.)
	Stir in crisp, crumbled bacon (6 slices, cooked & drained) and 1-1/4 cup
	shredded cheese(or your favorite).
	Add 4 Tbl chopped chives or green onion (dried chives may be substituted)
	Add: (all at once) 1 cup buttermilk
	Pull together with a fork, gently. Turn dough onto lightly floured board.
	Very gently, knead 6 or 8 kneads, until it comes to a ball.
	Pat this gently, add flour if you must, to keep from sticking, and cut into
	rounds or whatever you like.
	Bake on ungreased sheet until golden, 425° 10-12 min.

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