Crawfish Sauce
	  1/2 Pound Crawfish Tails - Do NOT wash !!
	  Small Can Sliced Mushrooms
	  1/2 Cup Shallots Chopped Fine
	  White Cooking Wine
	  1/4 Stick Real Butter
	  1 Tsp Creole Seasoning
	  Crystal Hot Sauce - The BEST !!
	  Fresh Lemon
	  1/2 Tsp Salt
	  1 TBS Favorite Steak Sauce
	Add crawfish tails, mushrooms, shallots and butter to shallow sauce pan.
	Add Creole Seasoning, Steak Sauce, lemon juice, Hot Sauce and salt. 
	Cook on low fire until mushrooms start to turn color (about 10 minutes).
	Serve over Stuffed Flounder, Lobster or other Seafood of choice. Geeze, this is
	simply GREAT !!!

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