Hot Crawfish and Crab Dip
	 1 pound   Fresh mushrooms, cleaned and sliced
	 2 sticks  Butter
	 1 bunch   Parsley, chopped
	 2 bunches Green onions with tops, chopped
	 1 pound   Crawfish tails
	 4 tbs     Flour
	 4 cups    Evaporated Milk
	 1/2 pound Swiss Cheese
	 1/2 pound Sharp Cheddar Cheese, grated
	 1 pound   Lump crabmeat
	 4 tbs     Vermouth
	 1 tsp     Red Pepper
	 1 tsp     Salt
	 1 tsp     Black Pepper
	           Hot Sauce
	Sauté mushrooms in butter. Add onions and parsley. Cook until clear. Add
	crawfish and cook until tender. Add flour and blend well. Add milk and cheese.
	Heat over hot water, stirring until cheese melts. Fold in crabmeat. Add Vermouth
	and seasonings. 
	Serve in chafing dish with toast rounds or serve in toast cups.
	Serves 6 to 10

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