5-10 inch loaves French bread
	1 quart milk
	6 whole eggs
	1-1/2 cups sugar
	1/4 cup vanilla
	1 tbsp cinnamon
	1 tbsp nutmeg
	1 tbsp vegetable oil
	1 cup raisins
	1 cup chopped pecans
	Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Slice French bread into one half inch round
	croutons. In a large mixing bowl, combine milk, eggs and sugar. Using a
	wire whisk, blend these three ingredients well. Add vanilla, cinnamon and
	nutmeg. Continue to blend until all ingredients are well mixed. Oil a ten
	inch cheesecake pan. Press one layer of French bread croutons into the
	bottom of the pan, making sure there are no void spaces. Sprinkle a small
	amount of pecans and raisins over this layer. Ladle in one third of the
	custard mixture. Carefully press the custard into the croutons using the
	tips of your fingers. Continue this process until all croutons and custard
	are used up. You may find that one to two cups of the custard mixture will
	remain once the pan has been filled. This is normal and you must continue
	to add the custard, a little at a time, firmly pressing into the croutons
	until all has been used. This may take an hour or so. The bread pudding is
	always best if allowed to set in the refrigerator overnight before cooking.
	Place the bread pudding pan into a larger pan filled with water. Cook in
	this water bath approximately one to one and a half hours. Serve warm or
	Slice into 14 wedges. 

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