Christmas Pudding
	8 oz          chopped suet
	1 heaped      teaspoon mixed spice
	1/2           teaspoon grated nutmeg  
	1/4           teaspoon ground cinnamon
	4 oz          self raising flour
	1 lb          soft brown sugar
	8 oz          white breadcrumbs
	8 oz          sultanas
	8 oz          raisins
	20 oz         currants
	2 oz          chopped almonds
	2 oz          mixed chopped peel
	              zest of 1 orange and 1 lemon
	1             apple peeled. cored, and finely chopped
	4             standard eggs
	10 fl.oz      stout (eg Guiness, or use a porter type stout)
	4 tablespoons rum (use a dark, well flavoured one)
	Mix thoroughly the suet, flour, breadcrumbs, spices, and sugar.
	Mix in the fruit, mixed peel, nuts, chopped apple then the zest.
	In a new bowl beat the eggs and add the stout and rum. Add to the dry 
	ingredients, and stir VERY well ( it is best to use a very large bowl).
	Cover the bowl and leave overnight.
	Grease 2, 2 pint pudding basins and pack the mixture into them. 
	Cover with greasproof paper and pudding cloths, tied on with string.
	Steam for 8 hours. Cool, and store in a dark, cool, dry cupboard.
	To reheat for eating, steam for 2 hours
	Serve with..
	Cumberland Rum Butter
	6 oz          unsalted butter
	6oz soft      dark brown sugar
	6 tablespoons dark rum
	Blend butter and sugar, add rum slowly, and mix well. 
	Pack into moulds for serving and chill. Remove from 
	'fridge just before serving.

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