Saffron Rice (Kesar Chawal)
	2 c    Rice
	4 c    Water
	6 T    Ghee
	1 t    Saffron threads (or less)
	2 T    Hot water
	1 c    Sliced onion
	1      small Cinnamon stick - splintered
	4      Bay leaves
	4      large Black cardamoms
	1 T    Cumin seed
	4      Cloves
	2 t    Salt
	Soak saffron in hot water.  Wash and soak rice in 3 cups water (optional).
	Heat ghee and fry onions and then remove and keep aside.  Add cinnamon,
	cumin seeds, cardamoms, cloves and salt.  Wait 1 minute and then add the
	bay leaves and 1/2 the onions.  Drain the rice and reserve the water.
	Add the rice grains and stir for 4-5 minutes until all the water
	evaporates and the grains of rice are coated with oil.  Add the water
	and bring to a boil.  Add saffron and its water and pressure cook at 15
	psi.  Remove from the heat and allow the pressure to drop by itself.

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