Pasta Gorgonzola 
	Serving Size : 6 
	1        beef bouillon cube
	2 cups   hot water
	1        onion, chopped
	1 cup    skim milk
	3 tbs    corn oil
	2 tbs    vodka
	1/4 cup  Triple Sec -- or Cointreau
	2 slices ham -- chopped
	3 ozs    Gorgonzola cheese -- crumbled
	8 ozs    frozen chopped spinach
	3 ozs    lowfat ricotta cheese
	1 lb     rotelle pasta
	         fresh ground black pepper
	         grated cheese
	In a saucepan, dissolve the beef bouillon cube in the hot water.
	Add the rest of the ingredients and boil, while stirring, until
	the onions are cooked through.
	Boil the rotelle according to the package directions and drain
	Combine the pasta and the sauce and add ground pepper to taste.
	Serve with grated cheese on the side.

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