Pasta Primavera
	1/3 cup   broccoli florets
	          non-stick cooking spray
	1/4 cup   onions
	1         zucchini
	1/4 cup   green beans
	1/3 cup   chopped red peppers
	1/3 cup   corn (off the cob)
	1/4 cup   fresh basil
	1 tsp     black pepper
	          red pepper (optional)
	          salt to taste
	          cooked angel hair pasta (other kinds work as well)
	Boil water.
	Add broccoli florets to the water for about 45 sec to one min (do not let 
	them get soft!!). Drain the broccoli.
	Spray a skillet with non-stick spray.
	Mince the onion and add to the skillet over medium-high heat stir often.
	Chop the zucchini into 1 cm wide circles and add to the skillet.
	Chop the green beans into 1/2 inch long sections and add to the skillet.
	Add the red peppers.
	Add the broccoli to the skillet.
	Add the corn stir all of this constantly until all the vegi's are
	firm but cooked.
	Mince the basil and add it to the skillet.
	Add the pepper and salt to taste.
	Turn off the heat.
	Serve over cooked pasta.
	I suggest adding favorite vegi's as well to the recipe.  (Mushrooms taste 
	good, tomatoes are good too.)
	The key is to keep the vegi's from getting too soft, then the whole sauce is 
	just mushy.

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