Mixed Grain Salad with Cheese
	2 cups defatted chicken stock, broth or water
	½ cup brown rice
	½ cup wild rice
	½ cup hard wheat berries
	2 tbs orange juice concentrate
	¼ cup non-fat red wine dressing
	½ dried cranberries
	½ cup raisins
	1½ cup diced Jarlsberg lite cheese
	2 to 4 tbs freshly chopped mint, optional
	4 oz diced smoked turkey, optional
	Bring stock and grains to a boil; stir, cover and simmer 40 minutes. 
	Stir in concentrate, dressing, cranberries and raisins. Cool. Stir in 
	Jarlsberg Lite, mint and turkey if desired. Server on Bibb lettuce with 
	grated carrots.
	Makes nine cups
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