Spiced Tea
	2 apples, cored and cut in thin wedges, or thinly sliced orange and lemon
	4 cinnamon sticks, broken in half
	24 whole allspice berries
	4 slices fresh ginger (about 1/8" each) or 4 slices candied ginger
	8 cups water
	Tea bags (optional)
	Artificial sweetener (optional)
	Put all ingredients except tea bags and sweetener into a crock-pot and 
	cook on high for a few hours. Turn the heat to low and let the simmering 
	brew scent the kitchen all day, or strain the mixture (careful, it's hot!) 
	and pour the liquid over tea bags and let steep a few minutes. Sweeten to 
	taste and drink. You can also simmer the mixture over very low heat on the 
	stove, but be sure to replenish the water from time to time.
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