Red Beans & Rice 
	1 lb     red kidney beans (Camelia Brand is THE best!)  
	2 qt.    water [substitute homemade or canned chicken broth for richer flavor] 
	1        large onion, chopped 
	1/4 cup  vegetable oil 
	1 lb.    smoked ham, cubed 
	1 lb     smoked sausage, sliced into 1/2-inch coins [you can omit the sausage, 
	         but if you do, add a smoked ham hock when you add the water or broth; 
	         remove before serving] 
	1 cup    water 
	1 Tbs    chopped garlic 
	1        bay leaf  
	1 Tbs    freshly ground black pepper 
	2 Tbs    chopped parsley 
	1 tsp    whole dried thyme leaves [or substitute 2 T whole fresh thyme leaves] 
	         SALT TO TASTE (Your Preference)
	Try to choose red beans that are not super dark red.  These are generally  
	tougher than the more pink-red colored beans and will take quite a while 
	longer to cook.  Pick over the beans and wash them well.  Add the beans to 
	the 2 quarts water [or preferably broth] and bring just to a boil.  Turn 
	off heat and let sit covered for 1/2 hour.  Now add onions and bring to a  
	boil.  Lower heat and let beans boil slowly for 1 hour, or until beans are 
	soft [depending on the age of your beans, this time will vary considerably]. 
	Once beans are soft, stir well mashing some against the side of the pot. 
	Heat oil in frying pan.  Add the ham and sausage, sauteeing in oil for 5 
	minutes.  Add the chopped garlic and toss briefly.  Now add the meat & 
	garlic mixture to the pot of beans.  Deglaze the frying pan with a cup of 
	water and add this to the beans.  Add remaining ingredients.  Simme for 
	30 minutes.  In the meantime, cook up some rice [preferably Uncle Ben's 
	converted rice, as this is authentically what New Orleaneans usually  
	eat].  At end of cooking time, beans should be nice and creamy.  Serve 
	over rice.  Yield: 6 servings. 
	Red Beans and Rice ( from Pirate's Pantry )
	1       pound red kidney beans
	1       meaty ham bone
	2       large onions, chopped
	1       bell pepper, chopped
	2       ribs celery, chopped
	2       cloves garlic, finely chopped
	        Salt and pepper to taste or Creole Seasoning
	        pinch of sugar
	1       bay leaf ( optional )
	2       pounds Owen's spicy sausage links
	1/4 cup parsley, chopped
	Cooked rice
	Soak beans overnight, rinse.  Cover with water and cook with
	ham bone ( fat trimmed off ), onion, bell pepper, celery, salt,
	pepper, sugar, and bay leaf.  While beans are cooking, boil
	sausage in skillet.  Drain, fry until crisp, and set aside.
	Cook beans until fork tender ( 1 - 2 Hrs ); then add fried
	sausage.  JUST before serving, remove bay leaf and add parsely.
	Serves 8 ( small servings ) and freezes well.  
	Serve with corn bread and mustard greens to complete the mood.
	Red Beans and Rice ( Shane's 40 min variety )
	2        cans Red Beans ( black-eyed peas also work )
	1/2 lb   smoked sausage ( the smokier the better )
	1        medium to large onion, chopped
	1/2      bell pepper, chopped 
	2        green onions  
	1        rib of celery, chopped 
	1 tsp    minced garlic 
	         salt, pepper, red pepper, tabasco to taste
	         thyme and parsley 
	         a little beer 
	         a little vegetable oil
	         uncooked rice
	Rinse out the Red beans in their cans and fill the cans with
	water, set aside.  Chop up all that needs to be chopped up
	( including sausage ) and get out your trusty deep black iron
	skillet or pot.  Put enough oil to wet the bottom of the pot
	and start frying the sausage.  After about a 1 min or so, 
	season the sausage really well with the salt and pepper (
	esp pepper ). When the sausage is about 1/2 done, stir in the
	onions, bell pepper, and celery.  Stir fry it all until the
	sausage is done and the vegetables are limp. ( push the
	sausage to the side of the skillet if it cooks too fast and
	focus on the vegetables ).  Pour in the beans and water, and
	add about another can of water ( cover all the contents and
	leave burner at frying setting ).  Add the garlic, a few
	shakes of tabasco, a little ( about 2 tablespoons ) beer, a
	pinch of thyme, and about 1/4 cup parsley.  While the 
	mixture comes to a boil, start the rice on another burner.
	Keep the Red beans at a raging simmer, and stir often.  When
	the rice is done, the beans should be about done.  Cook the
	beans down to the desired consistancy, and squash a few beans
	on the bottom for a more paste like texture.  Serve beans
	over rice with a little more pepper sprinkled on top.
	Serves 3.
	A FRESH loaf of French Bread is an excellent addition !!! 
	** Use French Bread to sop up gravy and to push the beans
	   and rice on the fork .... yummmmmmmmmmm !!!
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