1 (approximately 14 lb.) turkey
	Mix the following ingredients in a blender 2 days before cooking.  
	Pour into a jar and refrigerate. 
	1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
	2 tablespoons Creole mustard
	3 (2 oz.) bottles garlic juice
	3 (2 oz.) bottles onion juice
	1 (3 oz.) bottle hot pepper sauce
	1/4 cup  Creole Seasoning
	8 ounces water 
	Inject turkey with a syringe using the blended mixture.  Rub turkey 
	with additional mustard and season generously with Creole Seasoning.  
	When ready to cook, heat 5 gallons of peanut oil to 350 degrees; submerge 
	turkey and let fry for 4 minutes per pound of turkey.  
	Yields 15 servings.

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