Rice Nicoise
	1/2cup   Long-grain rice
	1/2lb    Green beans
	1-2      Sprigs fresh tarragon to yield 2 tsp chopped
	         About 10 calamata olives
	1        Ripe 8oz Tomato
	2tsp     Capers
	1tbs     Olive oil - Extra Virgin!
	2tbs     Balsamic Vinegar
	         Freshly ground black pepper to taste
	Combine rice and 1 cup of water in heavy bottomed pan and bring to boil;
	reduce heat and simmer covered cooking a total of 17 minutes until rice
	is tender.
	Wash and trim the beans and cook about five minutes in a steamer.
	Meanwhile, wash and chop the tarragon, pit the olives, trim the tomato and
	dice. Add these ingredients with the capers, oil and vinegar to a serving
	bowl and stir well.
	When beans are cooked, drain and rinse under cold water, cut in halves or
	thirds and add to bowl.
	When rice is cooked stir in and season with pepper.
	Yield: two servings

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