Good for ribs (spare or beef), chicken, brisket, fish etc.
	2 Cups  Dark ground sugar, packed
	1 Tbs   Paprika, regular not hot
	1/4 Cup Kosher Salt
	1 Tbs   Chili Powder
	3 Tbs   Onion Powder
	3 Tbs   Garlic Powder
	Mix all ingredients together in a plastic container. Rub on meat, put
	meat in plastic bag(s) and refrigerate the night before smoking/cooking.
	Use Hickory, Pecan, Mesquite chunks or chips thoroughly soaked in water and add
	to your wood container in the smoker.
	In the smoker water pan you can add most anything such as Italian Dressing for
	example. Just remember to keep the pan filled during smoking. This is one
	area that you can use your inventive talents as there are many variations.
	Cook/smoke for 2 hrs at 250 degrees and afterwards wrap in aluminum foil
	with a couple tablespoons water and coat meat with favorite BBQ Sauce.
	Cook for about another 2 hrs at 250 degrees. Heavy meats will steam and
	become tender enough to fall off the bone !!
	NOTE: Cooking times, temperatures, etc. will vary according to taste and
	      local customs, etc. Enjoy !!

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