Soft Shell Crabs with Corn
	4oz    Whole red onion or 3 ounces chopped
	Nonstick pan spray
	1      Small clove garlic
	1-1/2  Pounds roasted peppers
	1tsp   Reduced sodium soy sauce
	2      Ears corn
	1/4tsp Ground cumin
	2tbs   Dry white wine
	6      Large basil leaves
	1/8tsp Salt
	Freshly ground black pepper to taste
	4      Soft-Shell crabs
	2tbs   Flour
	1tbs   Olive oil
	Chop onion. Heat nonstick pan until it is very hot; reduce heat, 
	and spray with pan spray. Add onions and sauté until it 
	begins to soften. Meanwhile, mince garlic in food processor. 
	Rinse peppers,add to food processor with soy sauce, and puree. 
	Scrape corn from the cob, and add to onion with the cumin; cook 
	for two minutes. Add wine and cook briefly.
	Wash and julienne basil, and stir in with salt and pepper. Remove
	from pan, and set aside. Clean pan.
	Wash crabs, and coat with flour already seasoned with black pepper.
	Heat the oil in the same pan; add the crabs, and sauté on both
	sides, a total of about 5 minutes.
	Combine the peppers with onion-corn mixture and serve with crabs.
	Yield: two servings
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