Habanero Salsa
	tomatoes      - enough quarters to fill a blender (preferably homegrown)
	garlic        - 2 whole cloves (plus/minus to taste)
	yellow onion  - 1/4 of a medium sized one (plus/minus to taste)
	lime juice    - 3 tablespoons
	cumin         - 1 teaspoon ground
	seasoned salt - 1 or 2 teaspoons (to taste)
	cilantro      - 1 cup chopped
	jalapenos     - 4 to 6 whole fresh (vary number to taste)
	habaneros     - 4 whole fresh (vary number to taste)
	Fill blender with tomatoes, run at lowest setting until no large chunks are
	left.  Add remainder of ingredients and repeat running blender until no
	large chunks are left.  Sample and add items to taste as necessary.  If
	you're not sure how something will affect you in the quantity given, use
	the smallest unit of it at first, then progressively add more until you
	are satisfied.  This is really important with the habaneros...
	*** NOTE: The salsa will be at its hottest right after you make it, but
	          will cool down the longer it sets.  Since it's fresh, keep
	          it refrigerated if you somehow have any leftovers.

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