Hot Enuff For Ya Soup
	4 cans chicken stock
	1 cup jasmine rice
	2 dried red peppers
	4 chiltepin peppers
	1 Tbs cream of coconut
	1 apple, peeled, cored, cut up
	pinch red saffron (if you've got it)
	mint, basil, & grated fresh ginger to taste
	3 center cut pork chops, cooked
	(left over is good; you could also
	 use chicken, beef, or shrimp)
	1 jar pimientos
	1/4 cup lime juice
	salt to taste
	Boil chicken stock in heavy soup pot. Throw into blender about 1/4 cup
	of hot stock, peppers, cream of coconut, apple, & saffron. While you're
	blending this into a paste, boil rice until tender. Add paste, spices,
	salt.  Add pork chops, pimiento.  When this is  hot, remove from heat,
	stir in lime juice.  Guaranteed to make your  nose run screaming.

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