Spicy Vegetable Grill
	1 cup seedless grapes
	1 cup sliced sweet red or yellow peppers
	1 cup sliced onion
	½ cup jicama, julienned
	¼ cup thinly sliced Anaheim pepper
	1 tsp vegetable oil
	½ tsp salt
	¼ tsp pepper
	½ cup Walnuts, toasted
	2 tsp fresh lime juice
	Toss grapes, peppers, onion, jicama, pepper, oil and seasonings; 
	wrap in heavy duty foil, leaving an opening in the top part of the
	foil. Place on grill and cook for eight minutes, then carefully 
	open and mix vegetables. Rewrap foil and cook for another seven 
	minutes. Spoon mixture into serving dishes; sprinkle with walnuts and lime juice. 
	Makes four servings.

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