Garlic Pork Stir-fry
	(Muu Phat Gra Tiam Prik Thai)
	1 Roma tomato
	2 tbs. vegetable oil
	3 tbs. garlic, chopped
	1/2 lb. pork loin, sliced into 2" by 1/2" strips
	1/2 tsp. sugar
	1 tbs. fish sauce
	1 tsp. white pepper
	1 cup cucumber, peeled and thickly sliced
	1/4 cup cilantro
	1. With a knife, peel tomato skin in one strip, from one end of tomato to the
	   other, keeping peel as long and as thin as possible. Roll tomato skin into a rose
	   petal shape for a garnish.
	Cooking Process:

	1. On maximum setting, heat oil in wok and fry garlic until golden brown, then
	   add pork.
	2. When pork changes color, add sugar, fish sauce, and pepper.
	3. Remove from heat after pork turns golden brown.
	4. Serve on a platter, garnished with cucumber, cilantro, and tomato rose bud.
	Serves 3-4, when eaten with other dishes.

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