Stir-Fried Noodles With Shrimp (Phat Thai)
	1/2 lb thin rice noodles (fettucini size)
	1/4 lb medium sized prawns, de-veined
	4 tbs. vegetable oil
	2 tbs. garlic, finely chopped
	2 shallots, thinly sliced
	1/4 lb ground pork (optional)
	1/2 cup firm tofu, cubed
	1 tbs. sugar
	1 tbs. fish sauce
	2 tbs. dried shrimp
	1 tbs. dried white turnip root (optional)
	1 tbs. thick sweet soy sauce
	1 egg, beaten
	2 tbs. unsalted roasted peanuts, chopped
	20 stalks garlic chives, cut into 5" pieces
	1/4 lb bean sprouts
	1 cucumber, thickly sliced for garnish
	1 lime, quartered for garnish
	1 tsp. crushed red chili pepper
	1 tbs. white rice vinegar
	1. Fresh rice noodles should be moistened with 1-2 tbs. oil. Dried noodles can be
	   used as an alternative; soak in hot water for at least 15 minutes and rinse well.
	2. Clean and de-vein the prawns. Place shrimp in a bowl, and precook by pouring
	   boiling water over prawns.
	Cooking Process:
	1. On maximum setting, heat oil in wok. Fry garlic and shallots until golden
	2. Add ground pork (if desired), prawns, and tofu, and continue to fry.
	3. Mix in sugar, fish sauce, dried shrimp, and dried turnip root.
	4. When prawns and pork are cooked, add noodles.
	5. Fold noodles until ingredients are completely mixed. Add thick sweet soy
	   sauce and fold again.
	6. Push noodles to one side of wok, add a little oil if necessary, and pour beaten
	   egg into the cleared space. Cover egg with noodles.
	7. Mix half of the peanuts, garlic chives, and bean sprouts into noodles just
	   before removing from heat.
	8. Garnish with cucumber, remaining bean sprouts, peanuts and chives, and a
	   wedge of lime on the side.
	9. In a small bowl, combine cayenne pepper and vinegar to be spooned over
	Serves 4-5.

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