Flounder Stuffed Baked
	1/2 cup chopped celery
	1/2 cup chopped green onions
	1 clove; minced garlic
	1 stick butter
	1-1/2 cups moistened cubes of bread
	1/2 pound chopped boiled shrimp
	1/2 pound crabmeat
	2 tbs chopped parsley
	1 slightly beaten egg
	salt, pepper and cayenne pepper
	4 medium size flounders
	*** Saute celery, onion and garlic in 1/2 stick butter over low heat.  
	    Add bread, shrimp, crabmeat, parsley and egg; mix well.  Season with 
	    salt, black pepper and cayenne.  Split thick side of flounder, lengthwise 
	    and crosswise, and loosen meat from bone of fish to form a pocket for stuffing.  
	    Brush well with melted butter; salt and pepper, and stuff pocket.
	To Bake:
	*** Melt remaining 1/2 stick butter in a shallow baking pan.  Place fish 
	    in pan; do not overlap.  Cover and bake in 375°F oven for 25 minutes, 
	    or until fish flakes very easily with a fork.  Remove cover; bake another 
	    5 minutes.
	Yield:  4 Servings

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