Saute of Shrimp and Sweet Pepper
	30 - 40 Large Shrimp
	¼ cup Butter
	¼ cup Olive Oil (Extra Virgin)
	½ large red sweet pepper, cut in strips
	½ large yellow sweet pepper, cut in strips
	4 green onions, sliced, both white and green parts
	¼ cup minced parsley or chervil
	2 cloves garlic, minced
	Peel and devein the shrimp, leaving the tail fin on. Split 
	the thick upper end of the shrimp.
	Put half the butter and olive oil in the skillet over medium 
	heat and toss the peppers and onions for about a minute. Add the 
	rest of the butter and oil, the shrimp, parsley, and garlic. Cook 
	until the shrimp are firm and pink and the pepper is crisp-tender.
	Serve on lightly buttered and toasted French bread or rice.
	Makes four servings

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