This is an old original family recipe that's been around for at 
	least 50 years that I know of. I don't remember too many things 
	about the first years of my life, so that's why I mentioned 
	the 50 year mark. I guess that's when I ate my very
	fist "raw" oyster and man oh man, do I remember that ! Been 
	eatin' dem ersters ever since ...
	--- Jay Garcia - Gateway! New Orleans
	Ingredients and Cooking Instructions:
	4 lbs. Shrimp
	2 lbs. Okra
	1/2 cup flour
	3 lg. Onions
	1 cup parsley
	1 cup green pepper
	1 bay leaf
	1 tsp tyme
	1/2 tsp garlic puree
	1 tsp white pepper
	1/2 tsp paprika
	1 pinch allspice
	1 tbs Worcestershire
	1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
	1 cup olive oil
	2 qt. shrimp water**
	1 doz. gumbo crabs
	1 12oz can peeled tomatoes
	2 tbs salt
	Fry okra in flour and olive oil, then fry onion and add 
	rest of spices, green pepper, parsley, etc. Cook 1/2 hour 
	then add tomatoes and cook additional 1/2 hour. Add shrimp 
	water and crabs. Cook until done to taste. Add shrimp last 
	5 minutes or so.
	Serve in large shallow soup bowl over fresh cooked rice. ENJOY!!!
	**Shrimp Water:
	After peeling shrimp, boil the peelings and heads in 2 quarts water. 
	Add water while boiling to maintain 2 quart level.

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