The Quarter's European-style Jackson Square is flanked by the
Spanish-style St. Louis Cathedral, completed in 1794

Pontalba apartments with their French-style arcades and distinctive cast ironwork on the balconies. Jazz flows easily in the lively establishments along Bourbon Street, and traditional New Orleans Dixieland is always on hand. French Quarter Residences.

The nice thing about the French Quarter is that you can visit and have a lot of fun, and not spend a lot of money. Here is a list of free activities available year-round in the French Quarter.

Visit Jackson Square. Bring a book, sit back, relax and enjoy the day. It's a little park with a lot of activity outside of its wrought-iron gates. Call it people watching. It's fun - you never know who you'll see...

Take a Walking Tour of the French Quarter. You can relive history and travel at your own pace

Listen to Music. Listen to what makes New Orleans famous. From Jazz to Zydeco, New Orleans has it all. Simply walk down the streets. Many places have seating or a pole to lean on. Find a band that you like, hang out for awhile, then relocate.

Catch free shows. Street vendors (Solo Jazz musicians, tap "cap" dancers, mimes, jugglers, and magicians) frequent Jackson Square. Most have either a briefcase or a cardboard box for donations. It's not necessary to give them money, but if it's a jazz musician, you might be offered a song request.

Stroll around theperimeter of Jackson Square for a free viewing of works from local artists. Many of them let you watch as they paint. Many of these artists use watercolors and oil paints to portray their subjects (tourists) or scenery on canvas.

Sit on the steps facing Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral. In the daytime, there is always a lively show in action. Depending on what's happening, you'll either hear music or watch a stunt or dance show. If you're there late in the afternoon, you'll see people walk by, old horses and buggies stroll by, and pigeons perch on statues. This is one of the most memorable scenes of the French Quarter.

Spend some time at the Moon Walk. This place provides a fun way to relax and enjoy the great Mississippi River. View the river traffic as it winds its way around the Mississippi crescent that gave New Orleans its nickname.

Ride the Free Ferry at the foot of Canal Street. At the end of Canal Street, you can take either your car or just yourself across ye olde Mississippi. The ferry will take you to Algiers point, where you will have an overview of the French Quarter. It's real fun, and it's free.

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