The Internet Mardi Gras Guide

Mardi Gras Day 2011 - March 8, 2011

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1. Introduction [This Page]

1.2 About this Document
1.3 About the New Orleans Internet Mailing List
1.4 Availibility
2.1 What is Mardi Gras? Carnival?
2.2 What happens during Carnival?
2.3 What are the dates for Carnival 1995?
2.4 When should I make hotel reservations?
3.A Carnival Chronology
3.1 Preparing for Carnival
3.15 The King Cake
3.2 Twelfth Night
4.A Carnival Tourist's Guide
4.1 Carnival Do's and Don'ts
1. Introduction 1.2 About this Document

This document is a part of the on-going New Orleans Internet Mailing List's documentation project. We're trying to put together a comprehensive library of information for the net-surfer contemplating a visit to New Orleans, as well as the expatriated New Orleanian longing for a taste of home. Like the NOIML "Meta-FAQ" document, this guide contains a number of pointers to other documents in the NOIML library. For details on how to operate the Minas Tirith mail server, send a message to:, and the NOIML Meta-FAQ document will be mailed to you. The Meta-FAQ contains lots of technical information and pointers to documents on topics other than Mardi Gras.

1.3 About the New Orleans Internet Mailing List

The New Orleans Internet Mailing List (NOIML) is an e-mail forum for the discussion of things New Orleans -- its people, restaurants, customs, language, Carnival, etc. In short, we discuss everything that makes New Orleans a unique place to live as well as visit. New Orleans is one of the most popular convention destinations in the country, and tourism has become the city's number one industry. If a subject is related in some way to the city, it's possible that it will find its way to the List.

1.4 Availibility

This document will be periodically posted to the New Orleans Internet Mailing List, as well as the following USENET newsgroups:

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